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Pregnancy – Week 32

Welcome to week 32 of your pregnancy.  You may find the fetal movements uncomfortable now that bub is so much bigger and you may occasionally feel his feet getting stuck under your ribs.  If you work you may have left by now or set a date when you intend to leave. Mum The ligaments in […]

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Pregnancy – Week 31

Try not to overdo things and get as much rest as possible as breathlessness may be more of a problem now.  Slow down any exercise regime to one that’s comfortable for you.  If your breasts feel uncomfortable when you go to bed, wear a maternity or specially designed sleep bra at night. Mum You are […]

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Pregnancy – Week 30

In Week 30 your movements will be slower and you will feel larger and somewhat clumsier.  To prevent backache, it’s important to try to maintain good posture.  At this stage you might have problems sleeping and become breathless when you walk too fast or climb stairs. Mum You should be gaining about 500 grams (1 […]

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